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A Moustache

18 April


| Concert Hall

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Pazura, Koterski i Wierzbicka in the premiere comedy

Young, exceptionally unassertive, unemployed man is preparing for the first visit of his future father-in-law. A fiancée and a grumpy unemployed buddy – a tenant and an overly talkative cleaner do not help in this difficult day. And the razor fails, leaving ….. a moustache on his face! This moustache unexpectedly provokes hilarious situations. A good ending can be expected, of course, but what’s with the moustache – you’ll find out while watching a hilarious spectacle!

Good fun and laugh one’s head off is guaranteed by:

Marta Wierzbicka/Milena Staszuk
Mirosław Baka/Radosław Pazura
Jan Jankowski/Jarosław Boberek
Rafał Cieszyński/Maurycy Popiel
Michał Koterski

Authors: Sacha Judaszko i Fabrice Donnio
Direction: Jan Jankowski

Duration: 110 minutes with interlude

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Ticket prices: 55, 75, 100, 130 PLN

Available on:

  • adria-art.pl
  • CCC Jordanki Ticket Office
    Toruń, Al. Solidarności 1-3 Street
    (56) 642 43 79



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Adria Art

13 Piotra Skargi Street

85-018 Bydgoszcz

605 555 676



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