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Intelligent people

31 March


| Concert Hall

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There are no boring relationships. There are only not very creative partners. Fortunately, the heroes of Fayet’s art are intelligent people, because when their relationship ceases to resemble a “kaleidoscope image” and enters the phase of mature harmony, they can find a way to get out of the impasse. David decides to break up with his longtime partner Chloe. He is surprised that he does not face opposition from her. Their friends Alexandre, Thomas and their partners Gina and Marina multiply theories and guesses. Maybe she cheats on him? They suggest buddies. Maybe they are cheating on everyone? They wonder during a woman’s friend’s evenings. Three pairs lead the type of game and, as in a chain reaction, the crisis of one compound causes another … Men are from Mars and women from Venus … And as always, we will be tearing in tears unsuccessfully trying to discover these strange planets. The creators of the theatrical hits “Boeing Boeing” and “Name” invite you to another hit comedy in the stellar cast.

The author of the translation: Irma Helt
Director: Olaf Lubaszenko
Scenography: Justyna Woźniak
Costumes: Tomasz Jacyków
Music: Szymon Wysocki
Production: Tito Productions Katarzyna Fukacz Damian Słonina

Interchangeable staff: Renata Dancewicz / Monika Dryl / Iza Kuna / Magda Stużyńska / Mariusz Witkowski / Rafał Królikowski / Olaf Lubaszenko / Szymon Bobrowski / Bartłomiej Topa

Duration: 1.5h without a break
Premiere: April 2017

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