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Krzysztof Zalewski | ZABAWA TOUR

24 May


| Concert Hall

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Krzysztof Zalewski ZABAWA TOUR

24th May 2021, 9:00 p.m.
Cultural Congress Centre Jordanki
Aleja Solidarności 1-3 , Torun

Life is not a game, but a competition” – Zalewski concludes in the track opening his latest, fifth album. Looking at Zalewski’s creative from this perspective, it is easy to notice that he has invented a discipline in which he only races against himself, winning more championship titles. For this, the need for contact with the audience is inseparable from Krzysztof Zalewski’s life. Everyone knows that he is the One-Man Band who can’t live without a stage. First there were concerts played in almost every corner of Poland with material from „Zeliga”.  The breakthrough in his career was released in 2016 “Złoto” platinum album. Another success brought Krzysztof the album “Zalewski śpiewa Niemena“. Concerts played with an exceptional line-up have been moved to the philharmonics and were sounded in the most beautiful concert halls in Poland.

All these achievements contributed to the award of the Polish phonographic industry of two Fryderyks in 2018. Awards were given in the categories New Performance for the album “Zalewski śpiewa Niemena“, as well as Composer of the Year, which Krzysztof together with Dawid Podsiadło, received for the song “Początek“. The video clip was also awarded to Fryderyk. In the same year took place the premiere of a new song entitled “Kurier“, which promoted Władysław Pasikowski’s film with the same title. The last tour before the break is one man show – all the works collected and played by Krzysiek in the solo act formula were sounded in concert halls all over the country.

2020 is a time of novelty. After half a year’s silence and 4 years since the last author’s album was released, Krzysztof comes back with a new album entitled – seemingly perversely – “Zabawa”. “The record is danceable and a slightly groomy, but more danceable than groomy. Nocturnal. It’s a dance to the end of the world. The somewhat apocalyptic thoughts of a 35-year-old man” – this is how “Zabawa” is seen by its creator.

Despite the turbulent times, we managed to organize a concert tour promoting the new release.

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  • 79 PLN (zone C),
  • 99 PLN (zone B),
  • 129 PLN (zone A)

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We would like to kindly inform you that there is a 24-hour, paid, unguarded car park at 185 CKK Jordanki. We invite you to use the parking lot during performances, as well as during trips to the city center.