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Taco Hemingway. The Postcard from Poland [POSTPONED]

11 October


| Concert Hall

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The concert was postponed to 13th June 2021.
In case you do not like the new deadline, you can apply for a refund for the purchased tickets via the form.


Four and five. Exactly so many years have passed since the premiere of two extremely important EPs of the second decade of the 21st century in Poland. The Warsaw Triangle and the Work Contract, because we are talking about them, efficient that the nickname Taco Hemingway appeared on almost everyone’s lips. Since then, the Warsaw rapper has managed to sell out several concert tours, join the PGE National Stadium, sell over 300,000. CD, record from Quebonafide the ultra popular album Soma 0.5 mg and download three Fryderyki. Sounds pretty fat for a career of several years, right?

Catchy and varied beats as well as extremely accurate and timely narrative meant that nearly 30-year-old rapper won the hearts of thousands of Polish fans. Journalist Marek Fall wrote about Taco that “his songs liked even those who do not listen to rap for the day”. We are probably all in agreement on this – such rapper in Poland is not yet known.

The upcoming tour will be promoting the album Postcard from WWA, Summer 19, which premiered on July 23, 2019. As part of the Postcard from Polish Tour “20 the artist will visit, among others Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk.

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We would like to kindly inform you that there is a 24-hour, paid, unguarded car park at 185 CKK Jordanki. We invite you to use the parking lot during performances, as well as during trips to the city center.