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New York. Prohibition

22 March


| Concert Hall

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A hundred years ago, New York was ruled by jazz, the mafia and prohibition. The musical of the Roma Musical Theater is a magical journey into these extraordinary times.

Prohibition divided society and turned the American dream into a nightmare. This period is called the birth of the new world. On the stage, they will perform authentic hits from that era and new songs, referring to the style of the 20s.

However, this is not only a retro-style journey, but it’s a contemporary look at those times and playing with convention. In 20 songs we get to know the most important moments in the history of New York during Prohibition. We also discover the world of illegal business, which – fueled by the mafia and gangsters – has developed at a rapid pace and we will plunge into the interior of the city of sin.

Do the city and inhabitants entangle in a dense network of dark interests, trapped in the pursuit of dark objects of desire, such as alcohol, money and power, have a chance to be saved? Will the city die or it will be reborn and change?

Kasia Zielińska
Kacper Kuszewski
Ewa Konstancja Bułhak/Magdalena Smalara
Rafał Królikowski/Marcin Januszkiewicz/Marcin Przybylski

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without a break

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