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4 October


| Concert Hall

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The adored farce Self-Help in a completely new version. Anna Mucha and Michał Sitarski in leading roles again.

Self-Help is a play about the Savage married. They both dreamed of an acting career, but they did not do well. They are much more successful in business than on the stage, advising others how to live! Although they do great as self-help gurus, they get along worse and worse privately.

How good advicers will deal with the crisis in their own relationship? Who is Andrew and what to do with the corpse in the closet?

You will find out during the play!

Anna Mucha (Cindy Savage)
Katarzyna Cichopek/Olga Szomańska (Bernice)
Agnieszka Włodarczyk (Ruby Delvecchio)
Michał Sitarski (Hal Savage)
Bogdan Kalus/Sylwester Maciejewski (Detective Snow)
Artur Krajewski/Kuba Wons (Jeremy Cash)

Screenplay: Norm Foster
Original translation and direction: Mirosław Połatyński

Directing 2020: Kuba Wons
Costume designer:
Krystian Szymczak
Production design:
Marcello Sora

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Adria Art

13 Piotra Skargi Street

85-018 Bydgoszcz

605 555 676



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