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8 listopada, 2015


About Us

The project took shape in 2008 after Fernando Menis won the international architectural competition. Works began in May 2013, on the premises of Jordanki’s former sports and recreation side at Aleja Solidarności, and CKK Jordanki will open its doors to the public in September 2015. 

CKK Jordanki is planned as a home for all types of music.  Besides being part of the urban redevelopment of Toruń, it will serve a cultural meeting point between music and other areas of artistic creation, providing a space for all kinds of audiences and creators. Underlying it will be an innovative, multifunctional, wide-ranging cultural project for all types of musical events – from classical and jazz music to rock and electronic music, from great international productions to more experimental projects. Besides a home for concerts, recitals and other types of performances CKK Jordanki will be a modern congress center, offering comfortable facilities to organize both small gatherings and large conventions. 

The limited liability company CKK Jordanki was set up on the 18th April 2013 by the City Council of Toruń to implement the project of building the multifunctional Concert Hall, with the City of Toruń as the main shareholder. The board of trustees was formed on the 7th May 2013 and consists of three members: Waldemar Modrzyński (head of the board), Tomasz Cilak and Jan Hinz.  Grzegorz Grabowski is the president of the company. 

Before that date, the construction process was under control of the Administration and Investment Division of the City Hall of Toruń, which was directed by Marcin Maksim. Currently CKK  Jordanki is cooperating with this department in technical supervision of the project. The City’s Division of Culture will be in charge of supervisin cultural programme.