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8 listopada, 2015


Fernando Menis about the project

What was your inspiration for the project of the Multifuncional Concert Hall Jordanki?

The first step in designing buildings is observing and studying their surroundings. I always aim to learn the specific features of their localization. This is how I chose the brick as the base of my inspiration for this multifunctional Concert Hall. I knew from the very beginning it is a substantial material of this city, when I came to Toruń and saw the monumental buildings of the Old Town, from the Vistula side. They are built red medieval bricks, which seem to lock the charm of the historical athmosphere of the city.

What was your first step when you started working on the multifunctional Concert Hall in Toruń?

The most important thing for me was, to use the historic material – the brick – in a new way. I wanted to interpret this material and its local history to make it interesting for people living in 21st century. I wanted to learn as much as I could by observiting of the city. I was following the season changes. I was trying to understand the impact of light and shades during the day on historic buildings. On the one hand an architect thinks about the local context and the surroundings of the future building. On the other hand his creativity and unique vision finalny compliment the project.

I have heard that many engineers and architects from Poland contributed to your work, is it true?

Yes, it is true. I was working with many people fully dedicated to the project. I was cooperating, among others, with architects from Warsaw, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz. I like working in an international team. It helps to work out a more universal vision, which it is not connected with the historical context. I wanted to save the natural shape of the terrain, and for this reason the building is quite low. What is more import ant, its exterior is determined by the functions of the Concert Hall.

Has the Concert Hall in Toruń been your first project in Poland?

Menis Arquitectos took part in the the architectural contest of the Sinfonia Varsovia. Unfortunately, our project was not chosen. Currently we are working on the vineyards in Sewastopol, Ukraine. It is one of our latest projects.

*Find more about the architect here:„The Architect”.