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8 listopada, 2015


First details of the artistic program

The Multifunctional Concert Hall “Jordanki” will be finished in more than 22 months, and already the artistic program is being planned. The Cultural and Congress Center has started negotiations with several Polish cultural organizations, bands and professional musicians.

Three types of events will take place on a regular basisin the new Concert Hall:

Giants of the guitar. During this series of concerts the most well known guitar players will perform. World famous and Polish guitarists will spectacularly present different music genres from rock to jazz.

Rock in the Concert Hall. Many famous rock bands like Deep Purple and Metalica have been performing with symphonic musicians. Also Polish bands have followed that trend. Soon audiences in Toruń will have the opportunity to experience this unique fusion of rock and classical music. The Toruń Symphonic Orchestra will be invited to assist popular rock bands during these concerts.

Jordanki unplugged. The inspiration for these series of concerts was the well know MTV show in which famous artists were performing unplugged. The Multifunctional Concert Hall Jordanki with its perfect acoustic conditions will enable bands and singers to present their music in that unusual wa