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8 listopada, 2015


The foundation act has been signed

Today at the construction site of the new multifunctional Concert Hall in Toruń, the ceremony of laying the foundation stone and the signing of the foundation act took place./strong>


The act was signed by Michael Zaleski – Mayor of Toruń, Marian Frąckiewicz – Chairman of the City Council of Toruń, Piotr Całbecki – Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, Dorota Jakuta – President of the Province Parliament, Fernando Menis – architect, Jose Angel Andres Lopez – vice president of Mostostal Warszawa SA, Grzegorz Grabowski, president of CKK Jordanki and Paweł Dudzik director of the Toruń’s Symphony Orchestra.


Customarily, the signed document, few coins and the local newspaper were enclosed in a metal tube, which was walled up into foundations of the Concert Hall. Additionally, in the tube was also the Symphonic Suite “Thorunium „composed by Jędrzej Rochecki in 2013 for the Toruń’s Symphony Orchestra. The suite is a musical description of one day in Torun – from sunrise to the sunset.


During the ceremony the main constructor – the company Mostostal Warszawa honored the Symphonic Orchestra with a special gift – a new trumpet. The new Multifuncional Concert Hall will be also a new venue of the Orcherstra. Afterwards, the musicians played in the open air for guests of this event „Washington Post” composed by J.P.Sousy and „Alexander Ragtime Band” by B. Goodman, „That’ a Plenty” by I. Berlin’ Construction works on Jordanki are ongoing. Everything has been done according to plan. Until now: completed diaphragm walls, fixed external anchor and concrete piles under the base plate, which is poured out at the bottom of the trench. If the weather will be favorable, the level zero will be finished at the end of 2013. The opening ceremony of the Multifunctional Concert Hall will be held in autumn 2015.